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Virtual Meetings

Beginning in May 2020, WGG has held virtual monthly meetings via Zoom because Covid-19 has paused in-person meetings. Following are speakers who have addressed up to 80-100 members each month:

·       Glen Maxey, Texas Democratic Party primary director

·       State Rep. Celia Israel

·       Chas Moore, founder and executive director of Austin Justice Coalition

·       Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, president and CEO of Huston-Tillotson University

·       Chad Dunn – Texas Democratic Party general counsel

·       Katie Naranjo, Travis County Democratic Party chair, and Liz McLeod, TCDP Coordinated Campaign director

·       State Rep. Donna Howard and Texas Democratic Party Primary Chair Glen Maxey

·       State Reps. Sheryl Cole, Donna Howard, Gina Hinojosa and Celia Israel, and Dallas City Council members Jimmy Flannigan and Alison Alter spoke in December.

·       Val Benavidez, president and executive director of Texas Freedom Network, spoke in January 2021.

·       Andrew Allison with Austinites for Progressive Reform spoke at the February meeting.

·       Anne Dunkelberg, program director for Every Texan, spoke at the March meeting about efforts to get Medicaid Expansion passed in the 2021 legislative session.

·       Carl Jones, field director for Non-Urban Rural Outreach, spoke at the April meeting about the organization's efforts to persuade rural and suburban Texans to vote for Democrats.

·       Joe Jaworski, candidate for Texas attorney general, and Mike Collier, candidate for lieutenant governor, spoke at the May 3 meeting.

·       Former State Sen. Kirk Watson spoke at the June 7 meeting.

·       Julie Oliver, executive director of Register2Vote and head of Ground Game Texas, and Glen Maxey, retired legislative affairs director of the Texas Democratic Party, spoke at the July 12 meeting.

·       Former Democratic candidate Kim Olson spoke about WomenWin, a PAC supporting women, at the August 2 meeting. Also speaking were State Reps. Celia Israel and Gina Hinojosa.

·       State Rep. James Talarico and Cynthia Van Maanen, Travis County Democratic Party executive director, spoke at the September 13 meeting.

·       U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett and Texas Democratic Party co-executive directors Jamarr Brown and Hannah Roe Beck spoke at the October 4 meeting. Also speaking were Mark Littlefield and Jeremy Hendricks about Austin propositions on the November 2 ballot.

.        Ed Espinoza, executive director of Progress Texas; Marisa Bono, chief executive of Every Texan; and Matthew Dowd, candidate for Texas lieutenant governor, spoke at the November 1 meeting.

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